Menu du 18 April

Hors d'Oeuvres




Assiette de Fromage

Camembert, Montrachet Chêvre, Port Salut, and Bleu Cheese served with fresh seasonal fruits, walnuts and croutons

Feuilleté d’Escargots

Six escargots prepared in a creamy sauce with blue cheese, walnuts, spinach, and tomato topped with puff pastry

Escargots en Brioche

Six escargots sauteed with garlic, shallots, butter, tomatoes, over toasted brioche flambeed with pastis

Escargots Bourguignons

Six escargots sautéed with butter, garlic, mushrooms, shallots and parsley

Petit Chêvre Fondu à la Provençale

Goat cheese flavored with olive oil and topped with sweet balsamic onion marmalade, tomatoes, basil and breadcrumbs and baked to a golden brown

L' Ail, Le Brie, et Les Croutons

Warm wedge of brie, roasted head of garlic, tomatoes, basil and croutons


Soupe du Jour

Soupe à l'Oignon

Salade Verte

Mixed greens, red onions, tomato, cucumbers, and croutons tossed with tarragon vinaigrette

Salade Cesar

Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and croutons tossed with a rich anchovy vinaigrette

Salade Périgourdine

Hazelnuts, mushrooms and country-style pate with mixed greens in a strawberry and balsamic vinaigrette

Salade d'Epinard

Spinach tossed in warm bacon vinaigrette with Parmesan, roasted red peppers, red onion, hard boiled egg and bacon

Salade de Champignon

Mixed greens, Portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers with balsamic vinaigrette

Salade de Betterave

Mixed greens tossed in tarragon vinaigrette served over beets with hard boiled egg and bleu cheese crumbles

Salade Berger


Mixed greens tossed in strawberry vinaigrette with poached pears, candied almonds and carrots; topped with warm goat cheese crostini

Salade Niçoise au Saumon


Grilled filet of salmon to your liking, served over mixed greens tossed in balsamic vinaigrette with boiled potatoes, green beans, red onions, olives, tomatoes, anchovies, roasted red peppers, and hard boiled egg

Salade d'Onglet


Grilled Hanger served over romaine tossed in bleu cheese dressing with tomatoes, onions, bacon, blue cheese crumbles and cucumbers, garnished with gaufrette potato chips


Faux Filet

10oz New York strip grilled to your liking, crowned with Jack Daniels butter; sided by house cut pomme frites

Coquelet aux Champignons


Roasted half Cornish hen served over Parmesan risotto; finished with a portobello, brandy, rosemary demi glace

Carre D'agneau au romarin


Roasted rack of lamb infused with rosemary and finished with a natural reduction over mashed potatoes

Poulet au Aubergine


Roasted airline chicken breast served with a eggplant ragout enhance by a tomato coulis; sided by roasted fingerlings, roasted new potatoes



Les Poissons


Bouillabaisse du Central


Mediterranean fish fumet infused with saffron, prepared with jumbo shrimp, bay scallops, red and white fish, mussels, potatoes, leeks, fennel, bell peppers and onions; served with a spicy rouille and croutons

Bar Raye


Seared filet of Colorado striped bass lightly seasoned and topped with a tomato, bacon relish; sided by spinach risotto

Saumon aux Poires


Herb and brioche crusted filet of Atlantic salmon seared to your liking accompanied with a spiced pear red wine reduction and basil cream; over sweet potato purée

Lotte au Safran


Seared filet of Monkfish on fingerling potatoes with a saffron, tomato, fennel ragout


Le Vegetarien


Cavitappi pasta served with roasted garlic, asparagus, tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil and balsamic reduction