Paëlla Catering


Indulge your guests with our delicious and impressive paëlla, prepared as they watch !

paelle 1


Saffron flavored rice with bell peppers, onion, peas, garlic, olive oil and your choice of:

meat and seafood . . .

pork, chicken, chorizo, mussels, shrimp / scallops

vegetarian . . .

cherry tomatoes, petite red green yellow peppers, artichoke heart, sofrito, grilled eggplant, haricot verts, grilled scallions, fava beans, heart of palm, peppers (hot, mild, mixed)

vilera . . .

rabbit, noras

Deliciously enhance your paëlla with prawns, lobster, crab, clams, snails, periwinkles . . . ask for a quote!

20 guests $15.75 per person

30 guests $15.25 per person

40 guests $15 per person

50+ guests $17.75 per person

What is included in the price? A chef at your site for 2 hours preparing the paëlla in a large authentic paëlla pan imported from Spain with its own fuel source. Guests are served buffet style.

Costs not included in price . . . Transportation cost $10 base plus an additional $1 per mile for equipment, ingredients, and personnel are calculated from departure from Le Central Restaurant to the destination and arrival back to Le Central. City and State sales tax of 8% on food only. Additional time beyond the 2 hours is charged at a $50.00 an hour rate.