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Walk-ins Welcome!

A note to our dear friends and family~!
As the news of our imminent ~FIN~ on the 13th spreads, we’ve had to forgo our reservation policy. It has simply become impossible with the high volume of guests waiting at the door even before WE arrive to uphold any sort of reservation. We will be accommodating guests of a first come, first serve basis. As necessary, we can also provide communal style seating with more petite groups sharing a larger table.
In spite of buying every mussel in Denver for three days straight, we’ve run out of our ‘Moules et Frites’ this evening. Due to our beloved clientele, we’ve sold over 1000 lbs. of mussels this weekend! We have more incoming, and will be able to provide them again for the upcoming Tuesday Lunch Service.
With the extended wait, we encourage everyone to take the opportunity to share their experiences with one another and keep in mind that our only intent is to give one more great experience.
Thank You
- William
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