Communal Table


Communal Table Wednesday September 10th 6:30 pm

$29 per person

Crêpes cooked in front of you, and you are welcome to cook if you like eat as much you care

 Crêpe Provençales roasted eggplant, bell peppers, tomato, onions and pesto

Crêpe Fermière egg, ham and Gruyere cheese

 Crêpe de Fruits de Mer salmon and shrimp béchamel sauce

 Crêpe Suzettes Flambéed with orange liqueur

Crêpe Normande Caramelized apple, Calvados and topped with vanilla ice cream

Crêpe Créole banana, brown sugar flambéed with rum drizzled with hot chocolate sauce

Reservations a Must!

  • Reservations at 6:30 – Arrive early to get situated

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