Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

A note to our dear friends and family~!
As the news of our imminent ~FIN~ on the 13th spreads, we’ve had to forgo our reservation policy. It has simply become impossible with the high volume of guests waiting at the door even before WE arrive to uphold any sort of reservation. We will be accommodating guests of a first come, first serve basis. As necessary, we can also provide communal style seating with more petite groups sharing a larger table.
With the extended wait, we encourage everyone to take the opportunity to share their experiences with one another and keep in mind that our only intent is to give one more great experience.
Thank You
- William


What would be the best time to schedule a party?
Larger parties generally are better to start around 5:00 p.m. with a 7:45 p.m. departure or from 8:00 pm to closing. Prime times are Friday, Saturday, Holidays and December so in planning your event price and accommodations are usually more flexible. If you are planning for December please call us earlier in the summer or fall as availability becomes reserved quickly.

Can I have exclusive use of a room?
During non-prime times – Friday, Saturday, Holidays, December – we do our best to keep your party as private as possible – we will seat the restaurant in your party room if the need for those tables to be sat arises. We do not charge you a room fee for exclusive use of the room for we would rather you spend your resources on your guests. However, during the prime times we do require a minimum number of guests, depending on the room, to assure it as private with no room fee. If you event requires absolute privacy you do have the option to pay a room fee for the space to guarantee privacy regardless of a guest minimum. We also have private entrance rooms should you want your guests to enter and exit privately.

Do your charge room rental fees?
We do not charge room rental fees unless the restaurant absolutely needs unused space in your area and you absolutely need the room private. We would prefer you spend your money on your guests! A deposit may be required to reserve your guest booking but we apply the deposit to your final bill.

What equipment can you provide for business meetings?
We do have a speaker’s stand, projection screen, etc that if available for use free of charge. We do not have computer or computer software – that must be provided by you – but we do offer free wifi for logging on to your main computer for your material downloads or internet conferencing.

Menu planning for large groups and special diets?
For groups over 20 persons Le Central may that you choose from a three course Prix Fixe menu – usually 3 course – offering three choices in each course. We find this assures a better dining experience for your guests as it allows the staff to organize for the flow of menu from kitchen to wait staff. We work closely with you in the planning of your menu to assure all on your guest list will have a joyful experience – gluten free, vegetarian, allergies, low-carb, low fat – we work the menu around your guests needs. We also can offer family style service as well. Should your event warrant a special dessert – such as a birthday cake or baby shower cake – our pastry chef is always happy to craft a cake of your choosing for the size of party. However if you choose to bring your own cake there is an add $1.50 a guest cake cutting fee to your bill.

Tax and Gratuity?
Colorado and Denver sales taxes is 8% total including all food, beverages, drinks.A gratuity of 18% is recommenced for large groups.

Alcoholic beverage?
Alcoholic beverages including mixed drinks, beer, and wine are available. Options are your choice: open bar (no limits host pays all), limited (pre-selected wines and alochol), partially cash bar (example: you pay for the wine but not hard liquor) or cash bar (guests pay for their own drinks). Unfortunately our liquor license does not allow for you to bring in any type of alcoholic beverages including wine for your event that is not purchased from Le Central.

When should I contact you with my plans?
The sooner the better. Calling us allows both you and us to adequately plan for all your events needs and, once you have reserved you time we work the restaurant reservations around your event.